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June 2, 2014

I got published! Okay, I'm sort of leading you on here, but it is true that some of my work has been put on up someone else's website. Set aside an hour and a half to read my three stories! Sorry, did I say an hour and a half, I meant thirty seconds because my contribution is three 6 word stories! You can find them here.

In other news I am still going full speed ahead with some Weather Man stories, hoping to get them published over the next couple of months. Right now I have three short stories in the pipeline and I am dreaming up a novella as well. More news if and when it comes!

May 19, 2014

This is my second attempt at an update! Lost my first one, so we will see. So, what's new in my world? Not a whole lot. I am still working like a mad man on my Doctor Who website, troughtonismydoctor.com. It's lots of fun and lots of work. I have been taking a little bit of a step back from it though, to concentrate on my fiction writing.

Over the past couple of months I have started writing short stories. It seems like my life has become too complicated to write novels, I don't have the time or energy to invest myself in something that big. So short stories are the perfect solution!

I am working on trying to get something published online through a reputable publisher (meaning I would love to get paid for my work) but haven't succeeded yet. Fear not, I won't give up and I am not disheartened. They say you need a hundred rejections before you get published. I'm not sure if that's still the case in this digital world or not, but I will keep on keeping on. And when I have some good news for you I will shout it from the hilltops.

For Doctor Something fans, I have started writing some short stories set in Redwood City. No, they don't involve our favourite curmudgeonly scientist, but they are about the Weather Man and the heroes who came before. Consider them a prequel, if you will, though I am not really sure if they qualify as a prequel since Doctor Something hasn't been published... Hmmm... Anyway, it is my hope that some of these short stories will be published and at some point I can collect them and publish them online! Keep your fingers crossed for me! 

March 24, 2014

It's funny how things change. Very shortly after my last update Doctor Who Worldwide went down without for no reason and has been gone for two weeks now. In the vacuum its loss has created I dusted off my old blog www.troughtonismydoctor.com  and turned it into a website and continued posting Doctor Who news, rumours and opinions there.

I also submitted a short story to an online publisher. I've been waiting almost two weeks for a reply, but they said it could be up to three. You will know as soon as I do!

March 10, 2014

Still haven't heard from Strange Chemistry regarding my YA novel submission in October, but I'm not worried yet. They said it could take six months. As long as an acceptance email doesn't come on April 1st I will be happy.

In other news, still contributing to Doctor Who Worldwide. If you enjoy Doctor Who news, reviews and opinions, come on by and take a look. I have mainly been writing opinion pieces pertaining to the Missing Episode Saga (yes it's so important it deserves to be capitalized), but there's lots of great stuff on there. If you want to stay more up to date, follow me on twitter because lots of Who news gets passed along that way.

I've also decided to give the novel format a rest for a little bit. Maybe a month or two, maybe six months, who knows. Right now I am concentrating on short stories, something that is small and compact that I can try to get done in a few days or weeks rather than slogging through it for most of my life. I have one almost complete and two more that I have laid down the foundation for and just need to start building up. I hope to have my first one submitted to publishers within the month, so stay tuned for more information and hopefully some good news!

Jan 8, 2014

First update in the new year and I have some exciting news! No, I haven't heard back from Strange Chemistry about my YA novel submission in October. That's fine, they said it will take 3-6 months for them to get back to people, so I may hear in as little as three more weeks!

While taking a relaxing break from novel writing, I have unexpectedly found myself writing for a Doctor Who news, reviews and opinion site, Doctor Who Worldwide! So, if your a fan of the Doctor, head on over, check out all the articles and keep an eye out for my contributions!

Oct 30, 2013

Just one day away from Halloween, but I've already pulled out all the tricks and treats and stuffed them into the first five chapters of The Fist, The Shield And The Passage! I submitted it Oct 28th at 1145pm. So now we just sit back and relax and wait, right? Wrong! Time to make sure that everything is tweaked perfectly, just in case I do get that golden ticket!

Sept 2, 2013

So, how was your summer? I had a pretty awesome one, doing lots of fun things with the kids. That's why I haven't updated anything in three months. But that's all over now. As the kids (not mine because they're too young, but you know, other people's kids) go back to school, I head inside and park myself at the desk once more, creative batteries recharged and ready to go.
I was going to let you know about a new series I am starting with the working title "The Jar Collector" or something like that. This is a series that would be aimed at younger kids, 7-10 ish. I don't have anything to show for it yet, just a lot of notes. But then as I was hiking through the vast wilderness of the internet I came across a call for submissions from Strange Chemistry, a teen fiction publisher.

And so my goal is set. They are taking submissions until October 31, so I have just under two months to polish up 5 chapters of the unnamed first novel in the Longstrider Saga and get it into them. Whether they like it or not is almost secondary, as this will be the first time that I have ever submitted my work for a professional to read. So I am really excited just to be taking that first step.

Wish me luck!

May 29, 2013

Well, it's been a little longer than I wanted, but I'm back with a new update and a new chapter. That's right, here's the second chapter in the Longstrider Saga! Also back by popular demand is some Doctor Something content. I put him through his paces once more and have a new and better version of those original chapters, longer, stronger and betterer! Here are the first few, back again.

April 10, 2013

Finally back with new content on the website. As I mentioned in the last post I have started a new novel/series and now you can read the first chapter. The series is called the Longstrider Saga. I don't have a title for this first novel yet, but check out the first chapter!

Feb 6, 2013

Alright, so I have been fairly quiet for the past few months, but as mentioned in my previous update, I had a good reason. After welcoming another little bundle of joy into my life, things got pretty hectic, writing became something I just couldn't fit into the schedule on a regular basis.

But now? Now we have settled into our routines and things are back on track. For the past few months I have been picking away at Doctor Something, editing myself into a coma, but a couple nights ago I decided to write something brand new, something fresh. It turns out that my imagination was just tinder waiting to be lit with a spark. And now it is fully aflame.

My new project is called the Longstrider Saga, a teen novel about a young man who can embody guardian angels, giving him extraordinary powers.

My goal is to have the first novel completed within the next couple of months. Stay tuned for more details and the first chapter coming soon!

Jan 7, 2013

Wow, I new year already, who can beleive it? Okay, thanks to Jeremy for pointing out that I have been slacking here and it's true, it really is. But I have a good excuse. Christmas is always a busy time of year, but it is doubly so when you have a brand new  bundle of joy in your life. That's right my wife and I welcomed a little boy to our home in October and life has been very hectic ever since! But now I am back in the saddle, back writing on a semi regular basis and soon I will be back to posting chapters on the sight!

October 10, 2012

Wow, time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? Okay, I wasn't really having a whole lot of fun, but I have been busy. You know, personally, not professionally. Moving, knocking my wife up for a second time, looking after the first little rugrat because mommy is pretty much out of action now, you know, that sort of stuff. Professionally... well I practically took the whole summer off and did a whole lot of nothing! Well, that's not quite true, I worked on a first draft for a fourth Doctor Something novel, which is about halfway done and other than that? Not a whole lot. Time to get back into action. This is just a little update to let you know that I haven't forgotten about the site!

August 9, 2012

So what did you think of the Dinosaur teaser? That project is still very early in the development stage and will have to take a back seat to the relentless drive to get Doctor Something finished.
On the other hand... Here's another little teaser from my very first foray into the sci fi genre, Avenging Angels. Fred Vs The Vegetable Patch one of my favourite scenes in the entire story and I hope you like it too.

July 27, 2012

I promised you a little tidbit when I teased a dinosaur idea, so here you go. Hey, I warned you it's just a tidbit didn't I? I cleaned the website up a bit, wanting to focus more on my Science Fiction/Fantasy writing and less on the older stuff that will never see the light of day again.

Well back to work on Doctor Something.

July 21, 2012

Hard to believe that we only have another six weeks of summer left. I am still hard at work on the fourth Doctor Something novel. In this installment we get to meet some SHA alumni, reveal a few shocking secrets about the Weather Man, Bhara and Redwood City itself.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned a crazy idea about dinosaurs? Well stay tuned for a teaser, just a little itty bitty tinny tiny teaser coming next Friday.

In other news I will be attending the Fan Expo in Toronto at the end of the summer. But only as a fan. Maybe in a year or two I can sit in one of those booths, talking to people about my books and giving autographs and stuff. But this year I will be the one seeking out autographs. Anyone else planning on attending?

July 9, 2012

Ahh summer, how I love you! Yes, the days get longer, the weather hotter and the writers lazier. At least, this writer got a little lazier. It's been a busy month, involving big move now that our second child is on the way! But what about Doctor Something, you ask. Well he collected a little bit of dust over the past three or four weeks, but I shook it all off when I started working on the first draft of the fourth novel once again. Things are progressing, maybe a little slower than in the past, but we are moving steamrolling along.

In other news I had a crazy idea about dinosaurs. More details to come.

June 6, 2012

So, it's been almost a month since the last chapter of Doctor Something, but don't worry there is more on the way. You will have to wait a little longer though. Just like all your favorite tv shows, we're taking a hiatus for the summer. Yes, new chapters of Doctor Something will be coming when the leaves turn red and the days grow short. Stay tuned for more details and updates on my current projects!

May 4, 2012

It's too late to save Stephen. That was the horrible, stomach churning realization Dr. Scott had last chapter. But there are others in need of his help. He can still be a hero, save the people killed in t he bank robbery, and then maybe, just maybe, save the Weather Man himself. But first he needs to throw together a costume. "Playing Dress Up" is the final chapter in the first part of "Doctor Something and the Variations On Tomorrow". Witness the rise of Redwood City's newest superhero.  

And if you've missed any previous chapters, we have the whole story so far in the Doctor Something Archive so you can catch up.

March 23, 2012

So this is the last chapter of Doctor Something before I start work on the third book in the series, tentatively titled "Doctor Something and the Ever Changing Future." But don't worry, I will continue to post new chapters of the current story every other Friday.

So last week 
Dr. Scott was dreaming of a bigger, stronger, more metaller body as he lay paralyzed from the Scott/Schmelk Android Test. But don't fret, help is on the way. Except now he's "At The Mercy Of The Half-Brother Twins". 

March 9, 2012.  

On April 1st I'm going to start the first draft of "Doctor Something and the Ever Changing Future." I'm going to force myself into a mini NaNoWriMo style month long event with the ultimate goal being a 50,000+ word first draft. Unlike NaNoWriMo though, I will still be posting current chapters for the duration. Stay tuned for details.

So, last time Dr. Scott had to face the Scott/Schmelk Android Test and he managed to pass, but the ordeal took quite a toll on him. Unable to move an inch, this week he schemes up a plan in "
Bigger, Stronger, More Metaller". 

Don't forget that all the previous chapters are available in the Doctor Something Archive in case you need to get caught up.

Feb 10, 2012

Well, now that you're here, I'm going to send you away for a moment. My friend Andrew wrote this amazing piece called "
Into Thin Air" about how intangible everything has become in this digital world. It's fantastic and I would highly recommend you take a few moments and read it. You may remember Andrew, he had a great story "The Expansiveness Of My Sound" that I told you about in early December. If you haven't checked that one out yet, it's still available for a measly ninety-nine cents!

In other news, production of Doctor Something chapters is going to slow a bit. Instead of a new chapter every Friday, I'm going to post one every other week. Why the change? Two reasons: I need more time to work on new Doctor Something ideas and my blog. I've started a blog about things that I enjoy, it's called
Troughton Is My Doctor, named after my favourite Doctor Who actor, Patrick Troughton. Right now there's only a few of my musings, but just give me a little time and some room to rant.

Jan  20, 2012

The Christmas story "Doctor Something and the Merry Freaking Christmas" has been retired for the year. Will it be back next year? Maybe. Probably. Ok, yes. Another change around the site it the new Whiteboard page. This is devoted to Doctor Something and has random information on it, characters, hints at future stories and stuff like that.

Jan 1, 2012

So here we are at the beginning of a new year. It's time to reflect upon the one that's passed and speculate about the one to come.

Last year was a pretty big one for me. The birth of my daughter Amelia and all the fun we've had together over the past 11 months is certainly a big highlight. Professionally I have been busy as well. I started my website in August, and since then I have had almost a...
thousand visits to it (985 to be exact). In the past five months I have also written two Doctor Something novels and the holiday story. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.

So, now we look to the future. What are my plans for the coming twelve months. If you've been to the website recently and looked at the Rusted Angel page you will see a resolution already posted. Within the next year that novel will be published in some form. Whether it's through an actual publisher, printed myself or just available for purchase from an ebook site, I don't yet know. But a year from now it will be available in some form for public consumption. Other than that, what do I have planned? Well, I think two or three more first drafts of new Doctor Something novels (I already have the ideas in place) is a good start. I also want to have "Introducing Doctor... Something" completely finished and ready to test the publication market. All in all, it looks like a busy professional year for me. Wish me luck!

I'd also like to say thank you to all the friends and family that have been supporting me and my writing. Please continue to be generous with your facebook "like"s.

Nov 20, 2011

Ah, NaNoWriMo. So it is done. The first draft of the second Doctor Something novel is finished. 20 days, 100 pages and 51173 words later, his tale is told. I still have a lot of work to do before it's ready for consumption but that will have to wait. I need a break! 

Sept 2, 2011

Well, here it is... The first chapter of Doctor Something. After you read it, click the link and come to my facebook page and let me know what you think! And while you're there, don't forget to like my page!

August 24, 2011

I got a website. Yay! I know you know this, as you're here looking at it right now. But I still think it's pretty exciting. I also started tweeting. Something I never ever ever thought I would do, but now that I started, I can't stop. And a new facebook page! Old friends and new, pop in to 
Dan The Writin Man Collins and give it a like!

Thanks to everyone for coming to check it out! I'd also like to thank Linsey for starting up her
Little Miss Creative site and inspiring me to do the same,  Michael and Randy for their technical advice and Sherry, my biggest fan. Last but not least, thanks for all the support and patience Sarah and Amelia.